Barcelona walkshop 2012

I was lucky to attend the first Barcelona city walkshop in 2010 [Adam Greenfield walkshop definition], organized by Citilab (Enric Senabre and Chris Pinchen aka cataspanglish) leaded by Adam Greenfield and Kim Nurri through the city center of Barcelona. The walkshop was great and thanks to the interesting dissertation of Adam and the interaction of the walkshoppers [Videos of the Walkshop 2010].

Some months later the first walkshop Enric, Chris and me tried to use the walkshop methodology on educational purposes. The main goal of the session was how to show to the children to discover what happens in their cities and furthermore make them aware of the data available in every corner and encourage them to use that information for good. The activity was very interesting and was held within the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival in Barcelona 2010 [Drumbeat City Walkshop].

A couple of months ago, Christine Perey [Spime Wrangler] contacted me in order to know if I would be interested on participate on the organization of a second Barcelona walkshop, maybe repeating the steps of the Barcelona walkshop 2010. I was interested from the first second, so after some Skype calls and the London Open IOT Assembly [Open IoT Assembly] we agreed to begin the preparation of the Barcelona walkshop 2012. Afterthat, I co-organized (with her virtual assistence) the 2nd IoT Barcelona meetup [IoT Barcelona] with the aim to ask to the community who would like to get involved in the Barcelona walkshop, and also to push the IoT Barcelona community and search a natural leader for the IoT community. More than 40 people came at the event and we could see very interesting IoT projects made in Barcelona. Lot of people were interested by the walkshop concept, so we are working on it.

My vision of the Barcelona walkshop 2012

My vision of the Barcelona walkshop 2012 should be a space where different kind of people with different profiles (non technical profiles only, also local communities, youth or eldery for example) could meet and discuss about the future of the cities. In general this kind of meetings congregates vertical profiles that do not help to see the whole problem and discuss it from as much angles as possible (e.g. architectural debate about the rebuilding of a street or plaza; the mobile developer group for mapping services; politics and big companies talking about smart cities; or the privacy experts with other vertical experts arguing about the future of the over-surveilled citizens as some random examples). And even when all of these profiles are together in a room, it's complicated to generate a creativity session where all of the knowledge can go further and does not remain in every silo.

My main goal for the Barcelona city walkshop is to create different walkshops in Barcelona, to motivate as many people as possible to come to share their knowledge with us following the Peer 2 Peer University methodology [P2PU] and afterthat meetup all the people in a big room to do some creativity sessions, hackathons, sketches and even pitches about how should be Barcelona in 10 years.

Some of my walkshop ideas for a 90 minutes walk at Barcelona would be:

Finally, the final goal of the Barcelona walkshop is to create a manifesto from the Adam and Nurri proposal to be replied in other cities and even improved.

If you have any comment, don't hesitate to contact me :)

Marc Pous