Challenges about the IoT and the Blockchain technologies

It's still 2019 and we are discussing about the usefulness of the Blockchain systems integrated with the Internet of Things.

I wanted to give my point of view of the unmature state of the Blockchain technology plus the unmature situation of the Internet of Things market. We are still looking for production projects where it makes sense the usage of Blockchain in 2019.

The video of the discussion table (in Spanish):

Having said that, at thethings.iO we tried to work in 2 different type of Blockchain + IoT projects. First one was about the lifecycle of the coffee and you have more information here. The second project is about the digitalisation of SLAs betwen companies. This project is based on projects where logistics and clients are working together and they do not trust each other, even if there are signed SLAs on a contract.

Feel free to send any comments or feedback related with the presentation.

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