The Commutio project 2013

During the last year I have been involved on the research project at BDigital called Commutio. The Dr Dani Villatoro and me have been coordinating students doing their master thesis through this project.

The Commutio project tries to understand the flow of passengers into the Barcelona's public transportation network in real-time. Usually city halls do not track passengers into their transportation networks except in some cities such as Seoul (South Korea) or London (UK) for fares reasons.

To understand the real-time flow of the Barcelona's public transportation network we created a mobile device game to incentivize commuters. We tried to get users as sensors through gamification techniques.

Some leasons learnt:

There is not enough data to have conclusions but all the project was interesting and enriched us as a workers and researchers... If you have any comment, don't hesitate to contact me :)

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