Hoovernotes - The annotating Mozilla add-on for the Mozilla Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge 2010

HooverNotes is a concept for a platform whose goal is to combine “book-like” annotations with collaborative processing.

The HooverNotes concept was first established for the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge 2010 where HooverNotes was a selected finalist and was presented at Austin, TX. The feedback received during the Jetpack for Learning Camp at Austin, TX encouraged us to continue developing the HooverNotes concept.

HooverNotes is a JetPack plugin for FireFox for annotating and highlighting Web content – but so far only locally at the user’s browser. For the Drumbeat Challenge, we would like to turn HooverNotes into a truly collaborative tool backed by a powerful Web application.

These two separate parts of the concept can be described in more detail as follows:

This was the Hoovernotes presentation at the Jetpack Mozilla Camp at Austin, Texas.

And these are the slides of the presentation.

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