The 5 tales of Smart Cities 2013

During the last years I have been involved on the research and development of the future of the cities. What some people call Smart Cities, although I preffer to call it Cities and using some technical works Urban Computing.

One of my favourite passion is also travelling, I have been in hundreds of cities all around the world and luckily I had the chance to talk with some of the most smart guys about this topic: Adam Greenfield, people from the MIT Senseable City Lab at Singapore, people from New Songdo in South Korea among other.

With the perspective of technooptimist and as computer scientist I created this presentation of the 5 tales of Smart Cities trying to collect 4 examples of existing, next existant or even unexisted cities or systems technology driven. These examples bring us to the 5th "tale" where some of the most important thinkers bring us to the situation where we are living today, that is pretty similar of the Allegory Cave of Plato (thanks Nicolas Nova for the brilliant comparison).

The tales of smart cities from Marc Pous

There are no conclusions, only some challenges... If you have any comment, don't hesitate to contact me :)

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