Winners of the MWC WipJam FirefoxOS Hackathon 2013

It's fun to be in a hackathon trying to play with new technology you ever sneak on it before (or just some days). For this reason I convinced my colleague Marc Planagumà to participate at the Mobile World Congress 2013 WipJam FirefoxOS hackathon the last day of the MWC 2013. Together we built the FirefoxOS mobile application Vibrycing.

The Vibrycing goal is to guide you to your destination (by foot or bike) using the vibration of your mobile device. Select your destination on the map, click Go and follow the vibration of the device. Left and Right vibrations would be different in order to guide your to reach your destination.

After 6 hours of hackathon we finally could show a nice app that worked smooth to guide you through vibrations. The application is made with HTML5 (Mozilla Vibration API and geolocation API), CSS, Javascript and Google Maps. We tested the application with our Android devices with Firefox browser because we did not have any Firefox OS device (there were no devices yet) and the geoposition API didn't work with the FirefoxOS simulator yet.

We won the 1st prize of the FirefoxOS hackathon, something that was very unexpected for us :)

Let me know if you can download the app and use it and if you have any comment, don't hesitate to contact me :)


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